Lemon liqueur of Sorrento IGP 50 Cl.

Limoncello is the pride of the company, obtained exclusively thanks to the use of fruits certified by the PGI Lemon Protection Consortium.
The liqueur, emblem of the Sorrento gastronomic tradition, comes from the infusion of the “lemon of Sorrento IGP” skins rich in essential oils. The lemon just picked from the tree releases all its aromas, giving the finished product that sour, sour, sweet and intense at the same time, which makes it unique and unmistakable.
The “Lemon of Sorrento IGP” liqueur is distinguished by the use of a very high quantity of “Lemon of Sorrento PGI” (equal to about 350gr / lt) belonging to the variety Ovale cultivar of Sorrento, grown exclusively in the Sorrento Peninsula, in compliance with the strict technical disciplinary subject to the control of MIPAF.
The high alcohol content, equal to 30 degrees, makes this liqueur an excellent digestive, perfect to enjoy cold at the end of the meal.

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